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Sell Your Mount Pleasant Home

How to Sell Your Mount Pleasant Homebeach-197094_1280

It’s said there are three major factors that sell a home, location, condition, and price. The first factor is out of your hands (though if you’re selling a home in Mount Pleasant, you’re off to a good start!), but condition of your home and the price at which you list it are well within your control, and appropriately controlling both of these variables can lead to a very successful home sale.

Tip-Top Condition

Before you find a price, list, show, or even consider selling, evaluate the condition of your home. Does anything need fixing? Are your closets cluttered with years’ worth of unworn clothes? When was the last time you cleaned out the gutters? Before you list your home, take some time to consider the work that needs to be done to get your home into its very best condition. This could mean hiring someone to fix any underlying problems—but better now that after the home inspection!

 Make Your Home Stand Out

Many buyers decide within the first 60 seconds whether they will purchase a home, so those first impressions really matter. Here are some tips for really making your home stand out:

  1. Hit the yard! This means raking, mowing, trimming, planting, even purchasing a new mailbox or adding potted flowers and a doormat to your porch.
  2. Clean up outside. Powerwash your driveway, siding, and gutters. Replace any old, tarnished doorknobs.
  3. Clean out the clutter inside. The more empty your closet, the bigger it looks. Pack up and store anything you don’t regularly use—really work the open spaces of your home. Tidy up your furniture and decor. Open windows and let in the light.jetty-landing-stage-sea-sky
  4. Get more tips to prepare for showing your home.

Finding the Right Price

Finding the right price can be difficult; price your home too high and it will be unappealing, price too low and buyers might think something is wrong with it. Finding the right price for your home is a delicate balance, one that should be handled by a Mount Pleasant real estate professional and not an automatic service, which compare your property to outdated or incorrect data.

Requesting a Home Valuation in Mount Pleasant

When you request a home valuation from me, I provide an accurate home evaluation based on intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods and current real estate in Mount Pleasant. It’s an easy process; just request an address lookup, then sit back and wait while I research the value of your home using reports of recently sold homes in your neighborhood, remodeling improvements, and more. In the meantime, you can read up on some tips for a smooth relocation. Contact me today to get started!

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